Kingree Welder MIG TAP (WIRE FEEDER INSIDE) Welding Machine

🔥 MIG TAP Welder (Wire Feeder inside): Precision and Efficiency Combined!

✅ TAP Technology: Easy Adjustment for Welding Parameters!

💪 Powerful Output: Perfect for Various Welding Tasks!

🔌 Built-in Wire Feeder: Convenient and Compact Design!

🔥 Ideal for High-Temperature Environments: Reliable Performance under Heat!

🌟 Quality Guaranteed: Reliable Performance for Long-Term Use!

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High Performance, Durability & Efficiency

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  • Check Mark Full-cycle Technical Support
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Functions & Features

Winding Tap Technology is utilized in this welder, providing superior performance and a compact structure that takes up very little space. The Integrated Wire Feeder Design greatly simplifies the welding process, making it easy to operate without any fuss. The technology also ensures arc stability and spot welding with the ability to adjust the welding time to control each solder joint with the same welding time. The result is high efficiency and excellent CO and arc heat concentration, with strong penetrating power to weld carbon steel, high carbon steel as well as stainless steel. Additionally, this welder features unique small current technology, making it easy to achieve high-quality, precise welds time and time again. Whether you’re a professional welder or just starting out, this welder is an excellent choice for all your welding needs.

Additional information

Weight 0.433 kg
Dimensions 91 × 157 × 122 cm

280, 350