LCD Display MFR-350X

Digital High-Speed Pulse MIG Welding Machine LCD Display with Liquid Crystal Screen Separate Wire Feeder Design Water Cooling/Air Cooling Options Available Product Features and Characteristics:

  1. Equipped with an LCD display, providing a clear and user-friendly interface.
  2. Utilizes an optimized ARM+MCU control system for precise digital output, offering versatile applications.
  3. Advanced pulse control technology enables high-quality welding for metals with thicknesses above 0.5mm. The arc self-adjustment capability ensures stability during the welding process.
  4. Minimal spatter during welding, high metal deposition rate, well-formed weld joints, and minimal welding deformation.
  5. Strong pulse arc ignition with a high success rate.
  6. Wire feeding circuit incorporates a stable power supply and a speed-controlled wire feeder, ensuring smooth wire feeding.
  7. Offers various welding process database functions, capable of storing up to 10 welding programs, saving operational time.
  8. Provides functions such as 2T/4T/special 2T/spot welding, suitable for welding metals with excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring perfect arc ignition and termination for optimal welding quality.
  9. Equipped with various interfaces for connection to welding robots and dedicated welding machines.
  10. Features a comprehensive protective circuit, ensuring safety, reliability, and facilitating fault diagnosis.
  11. High energy efficiency, high power factor, and silent arc rectification device.
  12. Rational structure and concise layout, facilitating maintenance and repair.